Rly into this sequence of posters on the back wall of this bar in Gothenburg

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I have work in Fields Fest 

Happening this weekend! I won’t be there because I have to work, but I’m showing a new piece that will be s o m e w h e r e on the Ramblewood campgrounds. Apparently my page has the second most views after Dan Deacon, due in no small part probably to all the swearing in the title line, and the beautiful visage of mine and Mikela Farley’s dearly departed daughter, Xiu (RIP) in the picture.

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The ClosetA Group ExhibitionAugust 15, 20147-10 PM405 W. Franklin St.4th FloorBaltimore, MD
Featuring Unseen Works By:Nick PeelorAaron EstesJake DieblerJan RazauskasJames JohnsonJordan BernierNick VyssotskyConor StechschulteZoe Axelrod & Geoff Kixmiller
Curated by Chris Day



The Closet
A Group Exhibition
August 15, 2014
7-10 PM
405 W. Franklin St.
4th Floor
Baltimore, MD

Featuring Unseen Works By:
Nick Peelor
Aaron Estes
Jake Diebler
Jan Razauskas
James Johnson
Jordan Bernier
Nick Vyssotsky
Conor Stechschulte
Zoe Axelrod & Geoff Kixmiller

Curated by Chris Day


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Bad(ish) documentation of new paintings

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Fuck Me Up Against The Wall, Motherfucker! (Orgone Accumulator), 2014

Orgone Accumulator with interior that includes signifiers of a bathroom stall from a grimy punk club, include graffitti and cheap tp. Also included inside is a cd player with a mix of Anarcho-Punk tracks overlaid with quotes from Wilhelm Reich’s books  The Mass Psychology of Fascism and The Function of The Orgasm.

The piece is an attempt to manage absorbed Orgonic energy toward the purposes of destabilizing Fascist ideologies in ones life.

On display at Fields Fest

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06/22/14 -Nowhere Zone - Control Module #1

Control Module #1 was an installation by Nowhere Zone, the current project of Baltimore artist Nick Vyssotsky. The installation was held between June 7 - June 22 at the Rock512Devil gallery and bookstore. Control Module #1 consisted of an object meant to reproduce the lights of a squad car, flanked on either side by the U.S. and Maryland state flags, which exhibit the authority and principles of the object they accompany. On the  walls surrounding were several digital prints mounted on wood panels illustrating different graphic configurations of the environment created by CM#1

It’s common in Baltimore for squad cars to leave their back lights on at all times, insinuating a situation of permanent emergency. On a scale of 1 to 10 in terms of ‘activity’ this places all squad cars participating in this action at around five. Generally the use of police lights on squad cars is meant to be a reaction to some type of insurgent action. However, in this quite common situation, the action/reaction chain seems to be inverted, with the action potentially not existing at all, and the cop reaction existing constantly. In a war culture such as ours where the concept of the preemptive strike is the norm, this inversion is completely unsurprising.

Super amazing gifset by Alexandra Brandon!

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